NACTO’s 2019 Shared Mobility Analysis Shows 136 Million Trips Taken

On August 27, the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) released their long-anticipated 2019 snapshot of the number of trips taken with shared micromobility. They found that from 2010-2016 there were 88 million trips taken on bike share systems across the US. Since then, growth skyrocketed: in 2019 alone, people took 136 million trips. All told, over the past decade, a third of a billion trips were taken on shared bikes and scooters.

2019 ridership is up 60% from 2018, which itself saw twice as many rides as the year before. This year-over-year increase, documented by NACTO throughout the 2010s, suggests shared micromobility systems are continuing to grow in popularity and utility, filling important gaps in transportation networks and playing a vital role in cities.

To learn more:

👉 View NACTO’s statement about their analysis.

👉 Download the 2019 Shared Mobility Snapshot here.