One-pager: Access Pass bike share discount program

In order to meet the mobility needs of their residents, cities with Shared Active Transportation systems must focus policies and programs to ensure that these transportation systems are accessible by all, regardless of income or banking status. Regardless of technology or operator, introducing or expanding Shared Active Transportation options provides opportunities to develop necessary programming that address financial barriers to use, increase ridership and help meet mobility needs for individuals with lower-income.

In 2015, Philadelphia’s Indego launched the nation’s first income-based discount program (Access Pass), and cash-acceptance via PayNearMe. The following one-pager provides an overview of the Access Pass, highlighting key components for addressing disparities in financial access to bike and scooter share. While the development of reduced-pricing and cash-payment alone will not turn the tide in mobility justice, we hope this information can serve as a first step for cities and vendors looking to institutionalize approaches to building more equitable transportation networks.

Photo by Darren Burton.