Sparking Progress: A Report by the CHARGE Coalition

How do we spend billions of federal clean transportation investments?

The report by the CHARGE Coalition shows recent federal investments are essential down payments in a more equitable, cleaner, healthier, and more affordable transportation future.

Looking at these funds through the CHARGE Coalition’s principles reveals the need to ensure all investments work together to deliver fast benefits to communities suffering the most from high fuel prices and pollution. CHARGE Coalition members from major transportation stakeholder groups from across the country contributed to and reviewed the report.

Read the full report for case studies and examples of initiatives deserving of federal support and that can serve as national models. The report concludes with a survey of additional topics to consider in electrifying our transportation system, including the rise of micromobility – e-bikes, scooters, and myriad other battery-powered devices – and the need to make significant investments in our electric grid.