Guide for Equity in Design

In 2019, Spin hired Dr. Destiny Thomas, CEO and founder of Thrivance Group, and Marquita “Keta” Price, director of urban and regional planning at The East Oakland Collective, to lead an internal equity audit, complete with data analysis, community open houses, interviews, and prototyping. By early 2020, Spin made its work public, identifying five key areas for improving mobility equity:

  • Active Inclusion
    Show respect for the local context and the diversity of riders.
  • Easy Enrollment
    Make applying for discount programs as easy as possible.
  • Price Transparency
    Make the cost of a scooter ride predictable and easy to understand.
  • Reliable Availability
    Make scooters a reliable option by providing consistent vehicle coverage.
  • Low-tech Redundancies
    Ensure that people with limited access to the internet, smartphones and credit cards are not left behind.

Learn more by downloading the two-page step-by-step brief, as well as reading our piece on how Spin is operationalizing equity in scooter and bike share.