2022 Shared Micromobility in the U.S. and Canada Report

Half a billion trips on shared micromobility systems since 2010.

Since the first modern North American bike share system launched in Montreal in 2009, shared micromobility has ushered in a transportation revolution, providing safer, cheaper, and more accessible ways for people to get around.

Though it first began as a transportation option in a few cities, shared micromobility quickly exploded in popularity. Today, shared micromobility programs operate in dozens of regions across North America under established, well-regulated models that benefit operators, cities, and riders alike.

Building on previous reports, NACTO’s 2020-2021 Shared Micromobility in the U.S. report encapsulates the significant changes that have occurred since 2020, and the trends that emerged within shared micromobility programs that are likely to continue into 2022 and beyond.

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