Des Moines Bcycle

The Street Collective is a nonprofit organization and community bicycle shop with the mission to champion transportation options that are accessible, safe and enjoyable for everyone. Having evolved from its roots as the Bicycle Collective, the Street Collective has expanded its reach into walking, bicycling, rolling and riding transit. Their ethos is one of DIT or Do-It-Together. The Collective has over a decade of experience as an advocate for active transportation, bike share operator, and community educator. They run programs and classes, developed earn-a-bike programs and bike giveaways to vulnerable populations, and worked directly with diverse populations on empowerment and skill-building.

The Collective’s expertise is advocacy, transportation planning, and community engagement. Currently, BCycle operates in 38 cities throughout the United States. Having launched in September 2013, Des Moines is the longest-running BCycle operator in the country.

Emergency Relief Work: Des Moines BCycle has remained open throughout the pandemic. Throughout the first month, the system offered free rides to anyone for up to 60 minutes and promoted it through their public health partners. They intend to provide free rides to healthcare workers and other key services when needs increase and as traditional transit service declines.