PikeRide was launched and incubated within Colorado Springs Community Ventures dba Downtown Ventures which is the charitable nonprofit affiliate of Downtown Partnership. PikeRide transitioned to operations under its own non-profit status as of January 1, 2020. The mission of PikeRide is to elevate
the community by providing a fun, healthy, planet-friendly, and cost-effective way to get around. PikeRide has made great efforts toward becoming a more inclusive and equitable bike share program since launching with our all electric-assist bike share system. Admittedly, the first 1.5 years of PikeRide
were a bit tumultuous while they built a solid foundation, but PikeRide has found its groove and is positioned well to have significant community impact.

For 2020, these are their 3 main initiatives: Springs Rescue Mission collaboration, WeRide, and overall service expansion to include more communities with our services. While COVID-19 created a wrinkle in these plans, our response to this devastating virus continues to support our overall mission, current initiatives, and community.

Emergency relief work: PikeRide is proud to be offering several different opportunities related to COVID-19 and continues to
offer community support for new ways to positively impact our city.

  • Free unlimited 30-minute rides: FREE unlimited 30-minute rides for everyone in the community. Simply download the Drop Mobility app on your smartphone and set up an account to get started. Any single trip lasting longer than 30-minutes will accrue charges of $0.15/minute.
  • PikeRide for deliveries: Free unlimited use for businesses within the designated coverage area that want to provide their own delivery service via PikeRide e-assist bikes.
  • Adopt-a-PikeRide bike for employees of Penrose St. Francis and UCHealth Memorial Hospital: If you are a Penrose St. Francis or UCHealth Memorial Hospital employee and live within the coverage area (or really close to it) then PikeRide will drop a bike off at your place of residence along with a charger and it can be used for recreation, commuting, or simply a joy-ride, free of charge.