Explore Bike Share

Explore Bike Share (EBS), a local 501c (3), was established in 2016 to produce measurable impact as a shared mobility system, developed by Memphians for Memphis. Their mission is to advance Memphis and its residents on multiple fronts, including affordable and accessible transportation, healthy lifestyles, environment, culture and tourism. Since the launch of Explore Bike Share in May 2018, 50,000 bike trips have been taken by nearly 20,000 individuals, resulting in nearly 160,000 miles ridden. With nearly 35,000 hours spent on the bikes, Explore Bike Share is proud of both the health and
environmental impacts that have been experienced since launch; 6.3 million collective calories have been burned, and over 151,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions reduced.

Explore Bike Share has supported numerous neighborhoods in the greater Memphis community, bringing micromobility options to people of all backgrounds. Explore Bike Share currently serves several Memphis neighborhoods including: Harbortown + Mud Island, Downtown, South City, South Memphis, Orange Mound, The Medical District, Midtown, and Cooper Young, with expansion plans for Binghampton as well. Each neighborhood plays a crucial role in the fabric of Memphis and Explore Bike Share is a common thread that connects our communities, each beckoning to be explored.

Emergency Relief Work: Explore Bike Share is providing free bike rides for all healthcare providers, emergency responders and essential service
providers as well as the entire community of Memphis. The Let’s Ride It Out campaign is designed to provide an essential transit service for city residents and visitors who continue to commute to work. EBS also provides a valuable health and wellness resource for those in need of safe, solo exercise, recreation and fresh air.

EBS has suspended all out-of-service fees to allow riders to extend beyond the traditional service area in this time of great need. These benefits are available throughout the city, but perhaps most valuable in the hardest hit neighborhoods of Orange Mound, South City and South Memphis where residents are less likely to benefit from stimulus and government benefits.