Meet the New Better Bike Share Partnership Writer

by Farrah Daniel, Better Bike Share Partnership Writer

Farrah Daniel, Better Bike Share Partnership Writer

Hi, I’m Farrah!

For the last few years, Stefani Cox has diligently informed the Better Bike Share Partnership community of all kinds of developments concerning equitable bike sharing. As I step in to fill her shoes, I can’t help but be in awe of all that she accomplished during her time here and I’m ready to continue her noteworthy efforts. 

My journey with bike share is just beginning, so it’s exciting to think about how my role will expand as this movement evolves. In her last blog post, Stefani noted that “micromobility” was barely a recognized term in 2016. Today, the concept is nearly mainstream, but it’s continuously changing and includes an array of mobility options that may not have even seemed possible back then. NACTO reported that a whopping 84 million U.S. shared micromobility trips were taken in 2018, and that includes all forms of bike share: station-based and dockless bike share and scooter share, too. As powerful as that figure is, there’s still plenty of work that needs to be done and many cities are still falling short in providing bike share options.

Though I don’t have a background in the transportation field, I am ready to be an advocate after learning about the need for equitable and accessible bike share in low income and communities of color. My partner and I car share, so I regularly lean on my bike to navigate the (hot) streets of St. Petersburg, FL. On one hand, I have a privilege many people don’t: access to a vehicle. On the other, my experience as a black Haitian woman often means being overlooked, much like the people in communities that the Better Bike Share Partnership has reached. As your new writer, I’m aiming to illuminate this discussion through a new perspective. And on a personal level, I’m quite eager to diversify my interests — beyond cats, self-help books, films and hiking. 

If you’re a newcomer, too, welcome! And if you’ve been deep in the trenches, thank you; we need more people like you. 

I look forward to meeting many of you through interviews, events, conferences and more. Got a question or a story idea? You can reach me at