One-pager: Youth engagement strategies for bike share

by Stefani Cox

Source: Darren Burton.

Bike share operators and community partners are often interested in engaging local youth. Yet, outreach strategies for youth can look different from those for engaging adults. We’re releasing a one-pager to help outline what youth outreach for bike share can look like.

Youth are the future of your bike share system, and they have parents and guardians who could potentially be members. It is important to include youth in bike share outreach strategies, even in the cases where they are not old enough to hold memberships themselves.

Our latest one-pager looks at three different strategies for engaging youth in bike share: youth memberships, ambassadorships and internships, and classes. We draw on insights from bike share partnerships in New York, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia in the process.

The one-pager builds upon our Philadelphia toolkit on engaging youth in urban biking and bike share.

>Download the one-pager on youth engagement strategies.

>Download the Engaging Youth in Urban Biking and Bike Share toolkit.

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