How to engage diverse communities with bike share: 3) Build employment opportunities

by Stefani Cox

Philadelphia panorama Indego

Today is the last day in our series on outreach and community engagement strategies for bike share, thanks for following along!

Through each post we’re releasing a printable one-pager (below) that addresses a key component of meaningful bike share outreach. These components, identified through interviews with several high-outreach systems and their community-based partners, are 1) cultivating relationships, 2) learning about your riders, and 3) building employment opportunities. We hope that the one-pagers can serve as a resource for systems seeking to build a ridership reflective of overall community demographics.


3) Build employment opportunities

Lack of employment opportunities is often a hot-button issue for low-income communities and communities of color. Our final one-pager shows examples from three different cities that are incorporating workforce development partnerships into their bike share outreach work.

>Download the BBSP one-pager on engaging with workforce development through bike share.

If you missed either of the prior one-pagers in this series, you can access them below:

> Download the BBSP one-pager on relationship building. 

>Download the BBSP one-pager on learning about your riders.

We would like to thank Carniesha Kwashie at City of Philadelphia, Caressa Givens at Bublr Bikes, and Aysu Kirac at Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation for contributing to this resource.

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